Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool #10

3 things kids must know about the digital age:  1) People lie, and are seldom who they claim to be- the cute lonely 15 year old girl could be a 60 year old pedophile in reality; 2) Computer coversations should not replace real  conversations with real live people; turn off the screen and go and talk to real people.  and 3) whatever you type, whatever pic you take and post, will be there forever.  It will follow you forever.

I think the TEA I facts are useful and I would like to quote from ths when this subject comes up in debate. I think I woul dtecah some of these digital citizenship tips by using humor and the activ board to demonstrate what I mean.  Tell a story or tow of a teen in a rgrettable situation because of stupididity rrgarding tech would also be useful.

I would also stress these tips to my debate parents, and encourage them to find out what thier children are doing online.

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