Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool # 9

Its key to tie tech to an objective, because it is the best way to see how tech can help achieve the objective, not become the objective itself.  What good is it to create an inventon that lets us text messages instantly all over the world, if our messages are empty and meaningless?

Students must be held accountable for stations/centers because the most frightening thing about tech is the amazing way it can suck time from everything else, and you can get lost in some worlds and get nothing done.  The goal is to produce soemthing, not just get through the next level of a video game.

I mentioned earlier several sites that I thought  were useful, such as the wall wisher, a nd word sift.  If montored, students will be able to get something valuable out of these appsAs I said earlier, I touches can used as timers and they have apps for judge paradigm, estimating what it would take to advance at tournaments, and also useful for downloading various debate-related podcasts.

We continue to search for ways to use Ipads and Touches in debate so that we kill fewer trees and can be better organized.. Again, check out for more blogs on this subject.

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