Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool 6 Time

Created a wall for debate-  Can't wait to tell the debaters about it!

Also, got a twitter account, # Cecil Trent, and I pln to get this out to the debate kids, so they can follow my posts whenever we go to tournaments.  I think Twiiter is great, I follow a few poeple on it myself, and as long as it remains completely profesinal and never personal, then it will be great for debate, since we always want updates on who is debating who and how each team is doing at a particular time, as well as another way we can find each other when scattered out over several tournament venues.  I thnk this as the wallwisher might be great ways for debaters to keep in touch and make them feel more a part of the team, even if they do not compete as often as others on the team.

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